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 Advanced legal planning for elders consists of three main elements:

  1. A Durable/Enduring Power of Attorney

  2. A Power of Attorney for Issuing Directives as to the Medical Care of a Terminally-Ill Patient. 

  3. A Will

About Advocate Shavit Ben-Chorin

Advocate Shavit Ben-Chorin specializes in "Elder Law", with regard to all its different aspects and issues. 
The firm provides a comprehensive service that enables senior citizens to settle all their affairs and gives them (and their family members) peace of mind with the knowledge that they are properly prepared for the future.

  • Advocate Shavit Ben-Chorin holds an LLB degree from Tel Aviv University and has a special certification from the Ministry of Justice for the implementation of a "Durable/Enduring Power of Attorney".

  • Member of the professional committee for Durable/Enduring Power of Attorney- Israeli Bar Association (Tel Aviv District).

  • Lecturer on "Advanced Legal Planning for the Elder".

Areas of Practice

  • Elder Law

  • Advanced legal planning for the elder

  • Wills

  • Executing a Durable/Enduring Power of Attorney

  • Executing a Power of Attorney for Issuing Directives as to the Medical Care of a Terminally-Ill Patient 

  • Court appointment of Legal Guardian (body and property)

  • Registration contracts for Retirement Resident Facilities

  • Advanced burial directives

  • Lease agreements

  • Real estate sale agreements


I will be happy to provide you with expert legal services, tailored to your unique needs. Initial consultation with no commitment. In-home and hospital visits available. 

You are welcome to contact me at 054-7240340

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