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Line-Free Service for Senior Citizens Over 80

Senior citizens over 80 sometimes find themselves standing in long, tiring lines in supermarkets, post offices, or other places that serve the public.  In 2017, the Senior Citizens Act was passed.  This requires places that serve the public to provide line-free service (upon request) to senior citizens over 80 ["פטור מתור"].

Who qualifies?
The law states that senior citizens over 80 are entitled to receive service without waiting in line.

When is line-free service available?
“Service to the public” is a service provided to the general public, or to a non-specific category, by a “public authority” or in a “public location” requiring face-to-face interaction.  This does not include medical care.

What is a Public Authority?

  • Government office

  • Municipality or local council

  • Legally constituted corporation, for example: National Insurance Institute [Bituach Leumi], Israel Nature and Parks Authority

  • Yad Vashem, Yad Yitzhak ben Zvi, Israel Broadcasting Authority, Israel Nature and Parks Authority

  • Government corporation, mixed company, government subsidiary, for example: Israel Electric Corporation, Israel Railways, Museum of the Jewish People (Bet Hatefuzot), Israel Museum

  • Jewish Agency for Israel

  • Sick Funds [Kupat Cholim] - the exemption applies only to waiting in line for office services

  • Any audited body, for example: public facility, institution, fund or other bodies supported, directly or indirectly, by the government

What is a Public Location?

  • A location, or part thereof, available to the general public, or to a non-specific category, as noted below:

  • Post office, bank

  • Movie theater, theater, performance hall, stadium

  • Gallery, museum, library

  • Sales point for public transport tickets

  • Memorial site, national site, archeological site, national park, nature reserve

  • Large supermarket (minimum surface area of 250m2)

When does Line-Free service not apply?


  • Appointments: when an appointment is made in advance senior citizens are not entitled to priority

  • Medical appointments: in the case of medical appointments (including psychologist, nurse, medical diagnosis or preventative care) line-free privileges are not applicable; this also includes medical services provided by the sick funds [Kupat Cholim] and pharmacies

  • Waiting in line in a vehicle: when waiting in line in a vehicle line-free privileges are not applicable.

  • If the line is short the service provider is under no obligation to offer the line-free service.

  • Public transport: When waiting in line for public transport line-free privileges are not applicable.

How to request line-free service

When standing in line, speak to the person in-charge and request line-free service.   You may be asked to present proof of your date of birth.

The National Insurance Institute [Bituach Leumi] automatically sends an “80 Plus Line-Free” card.  If you do not receive your card, contact the National Insurance service center for senior citizens and their families at *9696, or the service center for senior citizens at the Ministry for Social Equality at *8840.  Note that it is not mandatory to present the “80 Plus Line-Free” card – a regular ID card, driver’s license, or any other card that shows your date of birth, is acceptable.

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on the back of the card

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